Blob Boy & Friends

An official website for Blob Boy & Friends has just gone up.

Blob Boy and Friends are the fictional characters of Kavin Twikoon, the Creative Director of Time Machine Studio, a motion graphics and creative studio. Blob Boy and friends tell a story of hope, happiness, and positivity.

Kavin, like many others, went through a tough time as the Covid-19 pandemic spread out. As his depression worsened, he resumed painting, but this time he discovered the healing power within himself. Blob Boy was first sketched out as a doodle sketch in 2019. He discovered that it is appropriate for the situation in which everyone is attempting to adapt in order to survive. His imaginary friends make up the character. It has no eyes and is hollow on the inside, but it lives his life as if it were his last. The artist's goal is to demonstrate that you don't have to have everything that others have in order to be happy.  Visit Blob Boy & Friends' website at and follow us on Instagram to learn more about us.

Psychedelic Blob, Acrylic on canvas 60X80 CM. 2021
Angel vs. Evil, Art print 2022
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