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Unlock the full potential of your brand.

We use the multimedia to connect you to audiences by uncovering the full possibilities of your story, forging new channels rich with possibility. Our bold ideas dig deep to create memorable experiences to give the competitive edge that stands the test of time. STAY TIMELESS with Time Machine.


Established experience in the market.

Partners trust us because we draw on over 10 years of expertise. You won’t get a one-size fits all campaign with us because we prioritize the needs, challenges, opportunities and culture of each initiative.

working with us

Benefits of being your partner.

At Time Machine, it’s about developing a compelling narrative to define your message like no other. We create everlasting stories to reach audiences in experiences to strengthen brand identity and resonate making a greater impact, both emotionally and with dollars to your bottom line.

how we are different

Collaboration minded.

We use progressive, avant-garde strategies and creative ingenuity to unite designers, strategists, marketers, and ambassadors with project management teams to deliver results way ahead of current players in the market


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Responsive design

Your site will look awesome and crisp in all devices

Website design

Your site will look awesome and crisp in all devices

Custom development

Your site will look awesome and crisp in all devices

Friendly support

Your site will look awesome and crisp in all devices


Based in a heart of Bangkok,
we work with clients from
all over the world.

Our core values.

Challenge ourselves

Please challenge us! We don't believe in the comfort zone. Just because it's not in our portfolio, doesn't mean we can't make it happen.

Problem solver

You can't be a problem solver without being a great listener first. We analyze every pain point and turn them into the material that fuels creativity.

Support our community

It's impossible for our businesses to grow without the community. We exchange knowledge with colleagues through collaboration, workshops, and fundraising projects.


Who said you can't be friendly and professional at the same time? We'd love to share ideas as your creative partner instead of just an advertising agency.


Every brand begins with an amazing story.

Emotional engagement is what drives measurable brand loyalty because people may not always remember what you did. But they will always remember how you made them feel.

Harnessing the most advanced technology at our disposal, we tell your unique story through the mediums such as digital, social media, print, television, video commercials, internet and web series that resonates leaving a long-lasting impression.


We'll create a responsive design that looks crisp in all devices.

Responsive design

We have the best web designers working to give you the best web site.

Website design

Do you need a custom project? Our developers will work alongside your needs.

Custom development

A responsive site is a must nowadays, don't let your site looks just old.

Responsive design

We know that time is money and you can get assured we will work on time.

Fast Turnaround

Our sites can be easily customized by you, no worry on hiring a developer.

Easy customization

You can also have your own Ecommerce store to sell all your products.


We have a pixel perfect mindset when it comes to deliver our work.

Pixel perfect

What the media says about us

"Simply the Best Webflow's Template of the Year..."

"By far the most complete design on Webflow..."

"Easy to use and even easier to customize, totally recommended..."

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